Left 4 Teletubbies: Infected Teletubbies!

September 18, 2009 by Left 4 Dead Fan Leave a reply »
Ever watched those annoying kids programs where everyone sings, dances and are just always in a good mood? Ever wanted to just take a gun and make bolognese of their brains, making the kids cry when their favourite TV character is on the floor with his guts pooring out his sides? If you are this sick and twisted, you will love what we have in store for you today. If you're just like the regular gamer who wants to make his/her Left 4 Dead a little silly and fun, you might enjoy this as well. Crasy modder flameknight7 spent the last few months changing all the common infected into Teletubbies.

Left 4 Dead - Left 4 Teletubbies

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  1. xkiller says:

    what is the cheat to turn zombie into the teletubbies?

  2. dakota says:

    i need that cheat give it to me

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